About Optik GO

Optik Go was founded in 2012 from Surabaya. With the aim of providing the highest quality products and services, we provide our customers with:

  • The staff provides information and advice on frames and lenses so that they fit and are comfortable to wear.
  • Wide selection of Brands for Frames and Lenses, including world-famous lenses such as Essilor, Hoya.
  • For a more accurate eye examination measure, each store is equipped with a Computer Examination Tool, and an Accurate Examination Tool for Progressive Lenses (VisiOffice from Essilor).
  • Lens Cut uses Digital Technology's Computerized Tool, so your lens will fit perfectly in your frame. Accurate and Precise.
  • Best price deals on frames, lenses and contact lenses, with lots of offers/promotions.
  • No Counterfeit Brands available, fake ones are not only inferior in quality, they can also cause serious eye health problems.


Vasya is our beloved mascot who represents Optik Go in various types of media information. This little girl with yellow hair and glasses in her daily activities, uses eyesight intensely.

At school & at home Vasya studies, reads and writes, and also does her school project using a computer. Also browsing, watching youtube, and various interests that girls her age like.

Vasya's parents are very supportive, they monitor and help Vasya do the activities she likes. They gave him glasses so she could see clearly, and at the same time, reminded him to take care of his eyes.

Reading at a certain distance and not too close, reducing the brightness of the gadget's light, remembering to take a short break to view the distance after a while reading / using high-intensity vision, and don't forget to consume additional foods fortified with vitamin A, and other nutrients.

Store location

Store Location 1
Jl. Kertajaya no.21
Telepon. 031 504 5891
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Store Location 2
Ruko Pasar Modern Puncak Permai no.33
Telepon. 031 9914 1117
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Store Location 3
Jl. Gajah Mada Sidoarjo no. 129
Telepon. 031 806 7450
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Corporate Services

Optik Go also provides services for specific and specific company needs.

Eye Measurement Visit

Open Booth Service

Company Visit - Eye Test. (Eye Prescription, Color Blind Test)

Complete Package (Frame + Lens) for Glasses & Employee Protection Needs

Reseller Welcome

Optik Go also opens opportunities for shop/optical partners to distribute in-house products and other products we sell with attractive and profitable marketing programs.

For those of you who are outside the city of Surabaya, on the island of Java and outside the island of Java, let's develop a joint business with products that are very competitive and have high commercial value.

Together with the Optik GO network, which has experience in the Optical world and other needs such as Contact Lens, Sunglasses and Accessories, it becomes an easier value for you to do business.

Job Vacancy

If you want to join a national company that is growing rapidly and has the enthusiasm to face challenges, please email your CV to our HRD Department, stating the position you are looking for.