Tips for Choosing Good Glasses

 19 November 2022
Tips for Choosing Good Glasses

Go-ers, when you want to buy glasses, of course there are various things to consider, apart from the model and color, the function that suits your needs must also be the main consideration. Considering that not everyone is suitable for glasses, of the many frames available in optics, maybe only one will be chosen. So that you don't get confused about choosing good glasses, there are several things that need to be considered, namely age, daily activities, eye health conditions, eyeglass materials, and lens choices. Let's discuss one by one:

1. Age

Children, teenagers and adults certainly have different habits. Children will be more indifferent to an object, especially glasses, they will definitely be more prone to breaking, that's why they need glasses with flexible and impact-resistant materials. Teenagers, focus more on models that are good and fashionable, so they stay cool when used everyday. Meanwhile, adults/elderly focus more on function and comfort.

2. Daily Activities

The selection of good glasses also needs to be adjusted to daily activities. For people who are active indoors and often stare at gadget/computer screens, they should wear glasses with lenses that are resistant to blue light radiation. As for people who are active outdoors, they can use glasses with UV radiation resistant or photochromic lenses. These daily activities are also related to the profession, such as a doctor who needs dew-resistant glasses, a driver with drive glasses, or a sports teacher/athlete with sports glasses.

3. Eye Health Conditions

Not only minus, plus and cylinder sizes that need attention, but also other eye health conditions such as eye disease or history of eye surgery. The selection of glasses must pay attention to this, for example, for people with crossed eyes, of course there are glasses with a special size.

4. Glasses Material

It is also necessary to pay attention to the selection of the right eyeglass material, eyeglass frames are made of various materials, namely plastic, metal/metal, wood, or a combination of metal plastic, wood plastic, or wood metal. For people who have sensitive skin, it is better to avoid frames made of metal, because they might cause skin irritation. Not only the material, the shape of the frame also needs to be considered to suit the shape of the face. Round faces suit square/square frames, square faces suit round/wide frames, oval faces suit almost any frame model, heart shape faces suit wide/oval square frames.

5. Lens Options

Eyeglass lenses have many choices based on their function. Starting from clear lenses that can only protect the eyes from UV rays, Lenses with Blue Filter Protection that protect the eyes from blue light radiation, Photochromic Lenses that can change color when outdoors, Drive Lenses that provide comfort when driving, and also Optifog Lenses which are resistant will dew.

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