Tips for Maintaining Eye Health, Must Try!

 16 September 2022
Tips for Maintaining Eye Health, Must Try!

So far, are you sure you have taken good care of your eye health, GO-ers?

There are some habits that we even unknowingly can interfere with eye health, including:

  1. Seeing in the shadows
  2. Staring at light sources for a long time, such as seeing gadgets, PC or television
  3. Write or Read at a distance of less than 30 cm
  4. Eyes can't rest after looking at close range for a long time
  5. Reading or looking at objects in an oblique position, either glancing or sleeping on their side

If you have become a habit, you are prone to eye disorders. In fact, for those of you who already have a minus / plus size and the cylinder can also increase. There are several factors that can increase the size of GO-ers eyes:

  1. After the glasses do not fit the eye position / how to wear
  2. Eyes can't rest at certain time intervals
  3. The size of the eyeglass lens does not match the size of the eye
  4. Using a lens type that does not suit your needs

Well, Optik Go has tips on how to maintain eye health and eye size so it doesn't increase, you must try GO-ers:

  1. Regularly consume vitamins for eye health or consume foods containing vitamin E
  2. Give enough light when viewing, especially when in a dark place
  3. Always manage the brightness of the gadget or television screen so that the light emitted is not too bright or dim
  4. Try not to look at objects with their back to the light
  5. Ensure eye distance well when during activities, such as when reading/writing, the distance between eyes and books is 30-40 cm, when viewing television, the distance between eyes and television is 2-4 meters
  6. Give a pause of 1 minute by looking far when looking up close in a relatively long time (20-30 minutes). Lastly, most importantly, do not read or look at objects in a tilted position, either glancing or lying down. Let's admit, who is often like this...